• ..."When Mom experienced a precipitous decline, you arranged for wonderful caregivers to be available to us on a 24 hour basis within four hours of our request.  What had been a chaotic situation, in which I was really panicked, calmed immediately when DALS walked in.  Each of the very special women who arrived in succession to help us, were terrific.  Strong, gentle, compassionate and gracious.  Our relief was palpable"...   ~ Betsy P.


  • ..."Mom went from not wanting to move from her bed, except to the bathroom, and not wanting any visitors; to a last visit to have her hair done and meaningful conversations with her family members and one or two friends...  With hindsight the only thing I would change would be to get Hector’s team and hospice involved sooner than we did. Mom and I both wanted her to be at home (her Newbury Court apartment) at the end of her life, if it was possible.  Hospice and Hector and his team made it possible". ~Susan S.


  • ..."You provide a wonderful service and it made a difficult situation a bit easier".  ~ C. Family